Historical Romance

Full length novels romancing America’s past

Magic in Her Eyes -- Donna Dalton

Available June 2017 at

Historical romance with paranormal elements

Meredith Talbot has a secret. In fact, she has nine secrets – her own and those of the eight orphans at Seaton House, a home for children. Each of them has a special talent that if exposed would get them labeled as witches. It is her responsibility to protect the children and their secrets and keep them safe from persecution.
Marauding Indians force them into a nearby fort where their safety is threatened by fanatical townspeople and a captivating army officer who try to unmask the children's extraordinary abilities

Lieutenant Preston Booth has one goal – to serve and protect his country. The military is the only life he has ever known. It’s the only life he wants. When a child is abducted and Preston goes after the culprit, Meredith has a vision of what will happen to him.  

Does she risk everything by exposing her gift? Or keep her secret and risk losing him forever?



SEVEN SWANS BRIDE - part of the Twelve Brides of Christmas
available December 2014 at The Wild Rose Press.

Will Seven Swans have its Christmas bride or will fate poach the festivities?

Family comes first for Abigail Whitlock. She’ll do anything to make it home to Seven Swans in time for Christmas and to attend her sister’s wedding - even if it means braving unforgiving mountainous terrain, fickle winter weather, and a captivating escort who threatens to steal her heart.

Country and duty come before all else for Major Evander Holt. He’s scheduled to arrive at his new assignment by year’s end, but a rockslide, a wily politician, and a headstrong, impetuous lady put his travel plans on hold. He doesn't need to come to her rescue, and he certainly doesn't need to fall in love with her. But there's something about Abigail he can't resist...even if it means risking his career.



LOVING BYRNE - A Victorian short story available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

Lieutenant Stephen Byrne stands guard over a British envoy asleep after an all-day drinking binge. So when his fiancée arrives, Stephen feels safe leaving his post for a quick meal. Yet his worst nightmare comes true when the Englishman slips from the room and leaves the hotel.

Victoria Manning will soon have everything she’s ever wanted—a loving husband and a new life at Fort Leavenworth as an Army officer’s wife. When loneliness and a special picnic lunch for her fiancé bring her to the Willard Hotel, their meal soon falls by the wayside as their passion ignites and their agreement of abstinence is put to the test.

Stephen and Victoria must put their special night on hold as they search for the fugitive envoy. Can they find him and save Stephen's commission in the Army, or will their future together be in jeopardy?


The Rebel Wife

The Rebel Wife--Available October 26, 2012 at The Wild Rose Press.

When war correspondent Jackson Porter lies to a Union patrol to save a red-headed rebel, he gets something he never expected...a wife. But with her knowledge of corruption at the federal prisons, Louisa is his best chance to deliver the topnotch article his newspaper editor expects. The one thing Jackson didn't count on was a burning desire for his pretend spouse.
Louisa Carleton needs a miracle…even if that miracle comes in the shape of an arrogant, highfalutin Yankee. With her brother’s imminent death in prison heavy on her mind, she has no option but to join forces with the enemy.  Can she save her brother from a vindictive prison commander while still protecting her heart, or will Jackson stir dark memories she wants to forget



Now available at Barnes & Noble, Borders,, and The Wild Rose Press...
...a Rose in the Cactus Rose line of historical romances.

Journey to the untamed Territories of the American Southwest.

My first fully completed novel, THE CAVALRY WIFE, was the book of my heart.  I adore strong, silent men in uniform, no matter what the era.  Set in the untamed Territories of the American southwest, this is the story of two orphans' journey to find love and happiness.



Now available at  Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, and The Wild Rose Press...
...a  Rose in the American Rose line of historical romances.

1871 Irish South Boston comes to life in this engaging story of love and revenge.

IRISH DESTINY brings 1871 South Boston to life in this engaging story of love and revenge. This book was inspired by trips to Boston to visit my husband's relatives. The city has many fascinating historic sites, one being the famous Parker House Hotel which is included in this story.



Now available at  Borders Books, Barnes and Noble, and The Wild Rose Press...

IRISH CHARM is a sequel to IRISH DESTINY, picking up fifteen years later with orphan Jamie Donovan as a Pinkerton Agent. The story follows him and rival detective Kathryn Mitchell as they battle turf, armed assassins, and their feelings for each other as they search for clues to a murder. Their search take them from the rundown tenements in New York City's bowery to the bustling business district of Manhattan. You won't want to miss this intriguing romantic suspense.


The Gift -- Donna Dalton

The Gift--A Christmas short story available at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.

All reformed prostitute Eva Baird wants for Christmas is to have her daughter back in her arms. But gun-toting outlaws, spiteful in-laws, and a sweet-talking stranger with arresting gray eyes threaten to turn her dream into a lump of coal.

Ex-bank robber Lyle Haggard has come to Louisville to do some shopping for Christmas. What he finds is a gift more precious than gold.


Contemporary Romance

Short stories romancing America’s present

Blue Ice

Blue Ice-- Now available at The Wild Rose Press.

Reformed jewel thief Addison Hayes wants to make a fresh start. A new television series featuring rehabilitated thieves staging break-ins seems perfect. The only snag? Her handsome co-host Garrett Powell—his Texas drawl makes her body sing. But seven years behind bars taught her that romance and business don’t mix.
Garrett Powell only signed on for the TV show to satisfy a debt and get his life back on track. Fellow inmate Jimmy Patterson once saved his life and in repayment, Garrett agreed to secretly look out for Jimmy’s protégé, Addison. But Addison’s spunk and intelligence soon have Garrett wishing there could be more between them.
When a rare blue diamond necklace they stole for the show goes missing, Addison and Garrett have to join forces to clear their names. With gun-toting thugs and the law after them, can they find the jewel—and each other—before it’s too late?



Her Rodeo Man-- Now available at The Wild Rose Press

Rose McAllister needs a place to hide, somewhere her abusive ex-boyfriend can’t find her. A nursing position at the trauma center in a tiny rodeo town seems to be the perfect solution. Until she meets Bass Newcomb. The rodeo clown’s wit and charm threatens her plan to remain secluded.  

A third generation bullfighter, Bass Newcomb refuses to let anything come between him and his beloved profession—especially an undiagnosed ailment he is trying desperately to keep hidden from those around him.  So when a pretty new nurse treats him at the trauma center, he decides to get close enough to make sure she doesn’t accidentally mention his illness to the wrong person.   He’s not ready to hang up his rodeo sneakers just yet. But what starts out as a game of cat and mouse soon turns into a battle of hearts as Bass finds himself becoming her rodeo man.



Check out my foray into the contemporary romantic suspense genre...Now available in electronic format at The Wild Rose Press


Police dispatcher Shannon Malloy didn’t think her day could get any worse. But it does. First, her ex-boyfriend takes his latest flame to Jamaica – where he’d promised to take her – and then a disturbing 911 call tests the bounds of her professional skills. To top it off, her best friend is determined to set her up with the new homicide detective – a cop, just like her two-timing ex.

When the anonymous 911 caller takes a too-personal interest in her, Shannon is forced to let new homicide detective Hugh Montgomery into her apartment and her life. Her Christmas holidays heat up as a stranger stalks her and a detective pursues her heart.


My free read short story, RETURN TO LOVE, is available for downloading at The Wild Rose Press.  Click here.


The Civil War had been cruel to Lucy Sutherland, robbing her of a way of life, a husband, and a precious child.  She'd hardened her heart over the years in order to survive. Could her husband's homecoming provide her return to love?