Magic in Her Touch -- Donna Dalton

Book 2, The Gifted Series
Historical romance with paranormal elements
Release Date: November 14, 2018
Available in print and e-book formats at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and many other on-line book stores.

Magic In Her Touch depicts medical practices from the 1800’s. Please keep this in mind when reading the story.

Herbalist Moira Devlin is a woman imprisoned, by the gift she must hide and the past she must elude. She is asked to care for the people of Mineral when the town physician unexpectedly passes. To please her mentor, she agrees and uses her healing power only when necessary and covertly, just as she was taught.  All is well until a new doctor arrives and threatens her newfound freedom.

Doctor Anson Locke has traveled to the Indian Territories to escape the memories of the family he couldn’t save. He doesn’t count on a distraction as lovely as Moira Devlin, a peddler of snake oils, just like the one who poisoned his wife.

Can Moira and Anson overcome their pasts and find love?




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Anson gathered his jacket and hat and crossed to the hearth. After hanging the wet things on a peg, he settled on the chair next to her. A pair of lady’s boots and thick wool stockings rested on the hearth. Propped at the edge of the stones, pink toes peeked from beneath a muddied hem. The slender digits were perfectly formed and smooth. Would she moan if he took them into his mouth? Another wave of heat surged through him and settled in his groin. He ground his teeth around a curse. What the hell was wrong with him? He was torturing himself with such thoughts.

Heaving a grunt of annoyance, he leaned over and worked on removing his rain-soaked boots and socks. Once done, he stretched his bare feet out to the fire. Heat bathed his throbbing toes, and he sighed in contentment. There. That’s the only pleasure he should be thinking about.

“Did you…um…get the horses settled?”

Her question croaked out on a raspy breath. Was she taking ill? He straightened in the chair and gave her a quick check. Only a slight flushing pinked her cheeks, but that could be from the heat blasting from the fireplace.