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I am excited to announce the release of book three of my Gifted Series. Magic on His Mind will be available March 8, 2021. Get your preorder now!

One Reader wrote: I never felt like I was being told anything. Sometimes when you are reading something where you are being “told” things, it feels like a lecture. I never felt like that with Magic on His Mind. I felt like I was “seeing” the story.


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Magic in Her Touch -- Donna Dalton


Book 3, The Gifted Series
Historical romance with paranormal elements
Release Date: March 8, 2021

Available in print and e-book formats at The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and many other on-line book stores. www.thewildrosepress.com | Amazon

Can a misfit and a tarnished lady find the happiness that eludes them?

Sergeant Gabriel Hunt can move small, inanimate objects with his mind. A handy talent, but one fraught with dangerous consequences if used recklessly. He employs his gift only when necessary and covertly where possible. He has been sent east to retrieve his commander's daughter and escort her back to Fort Dent. A simple assignment, until train robbers and a willful, golden-haired lady threaten to expose his secrets.

Margaret Ellen Myer has been summoned to her father's garrison in the Indian Territories. A misconstrued incident with a stable boy yielded a broken engagement and disgrace. Her only source of comfort is a black stallion she raised from birth. When the horse is stolen, her journey with Sergeant Hunt to recover the stallion challenges her perceptions about life and love.


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Magic in Her Touch -- Donna Dalton

Magic in Her Touch -- Donna Dalton


The Rebel Wife
Magic in Her Eyes -- Donna Dalton


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