Her Rodeo Man--Coming Sept 22, 2010 to The Wild Rose Press

Rose McAllister needs a place to hide, somewhere her abusive ex-boyfriend can’t find her. A nursing position at the trauma center in a tiny rodeo town seems to be the perfect solution. Until she meets Bass Newcomb. The rodeo clown’s wit and charm threatens her plan to remain secluded.  

A third generation bullfighter, Bass Newcomb refuses to let anything come between him and his beloved profession—especially an undiagnosed ailment he is trying desperately to keep hidden from those around him.  So when a pretty new nurse treats him at the trauma center, he decides to get close enough to make sure she doesn’t accidentally mention his illness to the wrong person.   He’s not ready to hang up his rodeo sneakers just yet. But what starts out as a game of cat and mouse soon turns into a battle of hearts as Bass finds himself becoming her rodeo man.

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Chocolate brown eyes followed her back to the examining table, the good-for-you, dark chocolate kind that melted in your mouth. Her favorite.

Newcomb tilted his head to the side, lips tipped into a breath-robbing smile. “You from around here, Miss McAllister? I thought I caught a touch of a Texas accent.”

“Yes, I’m a Texan.”

“So, what brought you to Elling, Texas?”

Sawdust peppered his short-cropped, brown hair. The itch to do a little dusting sizzled up her arm. She focused on preparing his bandaging instead.

“Just a yearning to get out of the big city.” She shrugged and tore open a package of gauze. Under any other circumstance, she’d enjoy swapping stories with the handsome bullfighter. Learn about his fascinating, yet dangerous, job. Why he did it? What drew him to the sport? Yet, until she felt safe in Elling, she’d have to clamp down on her curiosity about other people, and hope her aloof act would deflect their interest in her.

“Can’t blame you for wanting to get out of that, but then I’m a small town...ow! Careful, Doc.”

“Hold still then,” Whitman suggested.

“He does that on purpose, you know.” Newcomb flashed those twinkling browns at her. “So which of our big cities? Austin? Houston?”

He wasn’t taking the hint. “Does it matter?”

“Don’t suppose...’less it’s some big, bad, dark secret.” Still grinning impishly, he dropped his voice to a whisper. “You on the lam or something?”

Ice filled her veins. That comment hit a little too close to the truth.
Her reaction must’ve shown on her face. Newcomb frowned, then looked away.“Hey, don’t matter none. I’m just making conversation while ol’ Doc—”

“Dallas.” Heaven only knew why she said it. Maybe it was seeing him lying there half dressed, looking all harmless and almost trustworthy. Almost.